x- Rugs

x- Rugs

A note about rugs: Most rug images shown are 5x8 in size. Patterns may vary by size and designs are usually more elaborate in larger sizes. Colors in product images can vary depending on monitor settings. We suggest ordering a returnable swatch or small size if color or texture is a critical factor in your decision. Sizes are approximate and may vary by up to 4 inches.

Why is size important?

Putting the right size rug in your room can be the difference between a clearly defined and well-balanced space and chaos. Too small a rug under a dining room table, for instance, can make the entire dining room look too small and off-kilter. Generally, bigger is always better; some other tips to follow are:

  • Measure the space
  • Mark the area the rug will cover with masking tape or sheets of newspaper
  • Keep an 18” border all around, between the rug and walls
  • Larger rugs can make a room appear bigger

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