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Chamomile Lavender Liquid Hand Soap & Shower Gel

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The understated luxury of freshly-laundered, turned-down bedlinens. Nearby, a delicate arrangement of lavender sprigs rests on the adjoining bedside table as the sun begins to set. Tranquility at its chicest. Crisp bergamot and warm chamomile melt into a calm undertone of lavender, sage, eucalyptus and smoky patchouli.

Artfully made in Italy using only natural ingredients, our Chamomile Lavender re-generates, protects and moisturizes while gently cleansing, leaving your skin luxuriously fragranced. Suitable as hand soap or shower gel.

Natural Luxury with Pure Purpose™

  • Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil delivers superior moisture and vital nutrients
  • Enriched with wheat proteins to improve all day moisture retention
  • Refined, perfume-grade fragrances provide a lasting, natural scent
  • Hypoallergenic and free of sulfates, parabens and other synthetic ingredients for genuinely pure experience


    • Bubbles don’t always mean clean. In fact, most of the time bubbles are formed from the synthetic materials added to soaps.
    • Our soap contains omega fatty acids that are good for your skin and can help to combat dry irritated skin and conditions like eczema.


    • A dime-sized amount of product is enough to wash both hands.
    • Our soap’s natural olive oil base makes it less viscous than others. We recommend pumping the product into your palm and gently rubbing it in.


    • Our liquid soaps are designed to be used anywhere on the body, including your face. No matter where you use them, they always leave your skin with a subtle yet lasting fragrance.