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Bedgear Performance Pillows | The Storm & Level Series

shop bedgear performance pillows that give you the perfect sleep each and every night

The most important role a pillow provides is providing support for your neck and upper back when you are asleep. Humans need the support of a pillow when we are sleeping because our spines are naturally curved. Having support for your head and neck helps to maintain the proper alignment of these areas of the spine. 

The human spine has 33 vertebrae, 12 of which are supported by your pillow. 

Here at Pure Comfort Mattress we have pillows for everyone: side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, pillows that help you stay cool, softer pillows, and more firm pillows. We invite you to visit us at Pure Comfort Mattress to get fitted for a pillow that will help you get a better night's sleep. 

Pure Comfort Mattress proudly carries the highly-popular Bedgear Pillow brand and the luxurious Bedgear Storm Pillows. Bed Gear Pillows, especially the fan-favorite Storm 2.0 Pillow, give you the perfect night's sleep you've always dreamed about! 

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SHIPPING: FREE SHIPPING within the Continental U.S.

RETURN: Once Pillows have been opened, we cannot resell the item. If item has been opened there is a no return policy. If there are extenuating circumstances, please call to discuss

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