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Bedgear Level 3.0 Pillow | Bedgear 3.0 Pillow

Level 3.0 Pillow by Bedgear

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The Bedgear Level 3.0 Pillow is Perfect for Large Body Types and/or Side Sleepers

The Bedgear Level 3.0 Pillow is optimal for side sleepers with a large body frame.  
Level up the way you sleep like never before with Bedgear.  This product features a unique Cuddle Curve shape and React blend pillow core, made of a blend of silk-feel fibers, that will cradle your head, neck and shoulders perfectly in every position.  Our patented Air-X® air flow panels and Dri-Tec heat and moisture-wicking fabric will keep your body cool and dry throughout the night, ensuring ambient temperatures and a deep, restorative, comfortable sleep.  This series also features a removable, washable, performance cover for easy care and cleaning.  You can't go wrong when choosing the Level 3.0, or any other Bedgear product we carry.

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We also carry the Bedgear Level 0.0, Bedgear Level 1.0, Bedgear Level 2.0, and the new and improved Storm Series by Bedgear, Storm 0.0, Storm 1.0, Storm 2.0, and Storm 3.0.  Invest in yourself and get a more restful and restorative sleep every night by getting the Bedgear product that is right for you.  And because Bedgear has a specially designed product for every type of sleeper, it's as easy as finding the match for your body type and sleep position.

The Bedgear Level 3.0 Performance Pillow Has Advanced Features That Provide Continuous Airflow, Improved Deep Sleep, and Easier Care

  • Dri-Tec®:  Dri-Tec moisture wicking fabric surface is ideal for cool to neutral sleepers, creating a comfortable sleep environment.
  • React®:  Blend pillow core, made of a blend of silk-feel fibers, contours to your body with weightless support that eliminates pillow bounce to improve comfort and deep sleep
  • Unique cuddle curve shape: the crescent shape design cradles your head, neck and shoulders in comfort. 
  • Ventilated Air-X® panels:  Ventilated side panels maximize air flow, shifting away excess heat and maintaining ambient temperatures so you feel more comfortable every night.
  • Removable, Washable cover for easy care and cleaning