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Storm 1.0 Performance Pillows | Unmatched Performance - Curated By Norwood

Storm 1.0 Performance Pillow by Bedgear

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Improved Deep Sleep, Comfort, & Relaxation

The Storm 1.0 Pillow provides the perfect cushion for stomach sleepers or small body types.

The unique dual chamber construction features a React foam crown and React foam blend which contours to your body, eliminating bounce to improve deep sleep. The React foam blend adapts and contours to your body without compromising its shape. Featuring Ver-Tex Fabric cover which provides a cool to touch feeling and continuous heat deflection, allowing your body to regulate it's temperature for a cooler nights rest. The Air-X ventilated panels increase airflow and feature a filter fabric which prevents allergens and dander from entering the core. This product is also sleep tested by us because we would never sell you something we wouldn't sleep on ourselves.

Formerly Known As The Thunder Pillow by Bedgear

This new and improved Bedgear Performance Pillows Series, launched in May 2019, now features a removable, washable cover for easy care and cleaning. If you bought the previous series, your original Mist 0.0 is now named Storm 0.0, Thunder is the 1.0 performance pillow, Lightning 2.0 is the Storm 2.0 pillow, and Rain 3.0 is the Storm 3.0 pillow. The names may have changed, but this line of products is still perfect for getting a deep restful sleep every night. They also now feature a removable cover for easy cleaning and care.


  • Measures 20"x26", the perfect size for your head and neck while still providing the support you need every night without losing shape
  • DUAL-CHAMBER CONSTRUCTION: Solid foam crown on one side provides the option for firmer support, while a blend on the other offers a softer give.
  • VER-TEX FABRIC: Patented weave of heat-resistant fibers deflects warm air to regulate temperature.
  • REACT FILL: Softer breathable foam adapts to you without sinking or losing shape.
  • AIR-X PANELS: Flexible, three-dimensional material vents warm air away from the body.