Formerly Known As the Lightning pillow by Bedgear, this storm series provides unmatched sleep performance every night and we can guarantee its performance because we sleep test every pillow ourselves - Curated By Norwood - Bedgear Storm Performance Pillows - Bedgear Pillows | storm 2.0 high performance storm pillows that are built to last | Storm Pillows - 2.0 Pillows
The New Storm 2.0 Performance Pillow by Bedgear Curated By Norwood | We personally sleep test every product for performance so you can trust we will only sell you products with the highest performance that we would sleep on ourselves, and we do | Performance Pillow Series - Premier Pillows by Bedgear Pillow | The 2.0 Performance Pillow
Storm 2.0 Performance Pillow | Storm Pillows Bedgear Performance Series - Curated By Norwood | Bedgear 2.0 Pillows FKA Lightning by Bedgear | Shop our specially curated collection of high performance and high quality products online

Storm 2.0 Performance Pillow by Bedgear

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FKA Lightning by Bedgear Pillows

This Bedgear product is SLEEP TESTED for back sleepers or medium body types.

Formerly known as Lightning by Bedgear, the Storm 2.0 Performance Pillow, part of Bedgear's storm series, provides the perfect performance and cushion for your shoulders and head while you sleep. A key component to its performance, the unique dual chamber construction of the storm 2.0 features a React® foam crown and React foam blend which contours to your body, eliminating pillow bounce to improve deep sleep and provide comfort throughout the night. Perfect for hot sleepers, this Bedgear product also features patented Air-X panels and Ver-Tex fabric for continuous heat deflection of any excess heat, keeping both the pillow core temperature and the sleeper's body temperature at comfortable levels without the constant pillow flipping. You can trust that for back sleepers or medium body types, the Bedgear Storm 2.0 is the perfect fit.

This Product is Part of the New Bedgear Storm Performance Pillow Series

This new and improved Storm Series, launched in May 2019, now features a removable, washable cover for easy care and cleaning. If you bought the previous Storm series, your original Mist 0.0 is now named Storm 0.0, Thunder 1.0 is Storm 1.0, Lightning 2.0 is Storm 2.0 pillow, and Rain 3.0 is Storm 3.0

Size: 20x26

Specially Designed for Back Sleepers and Medium Body Types, Sleep Better Every Night With the Storm 2.0 Pillow
  • VER-TEX® 6.0 CLIMATE CONTROL FABRIC: Ver-Tex 6.0 climate control fabric is cool to the touch and provides instant heat deflection, remaining cool throughout the night, allowing the body’s natural temperature drop for maximum recovery, performance, and rejuvenation. 
  • AIR-X® VENTILATED PANELS: Our 3D structure keeps air flowing, moving excess body heat away from your head, neck and shoulders while maintaining ambient temperatures in the core at all times. The filter fabric behind the Air-X gussets creates a one-way airflow baffle; preventing allergens and dander from entering the core.
  • CROWN: Alleviating pressure points during sleep results in increased recovery. The React foam crown contours to your body’s natural shape and motion for lasting comfort every night. 
  • BLEND: Our unique React blend is combined with silk-feel microfibers create support for your head, neck & shoulders allowing for it to adapt to you without push back, eliminating bounce to improve deep sleep. 
  • CARE: The Storm 2.0, like the rest of the Storm series, features a zip-off cover for easy wash and dry.